Benefits of Using a Wireless Dog Fence

A lot of homeowners cannot afford to fence their whole yard in order to keep their dog within the premises of their home. It can be expensive to buy fencing materials which usually reach thousands of dollars. A good option for homeowners who would think twice in fencing their yard is to have a wireless dog fence. This is a complete system that will contain your dog, and can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of fencing an entire yard.


Wired dog fencing systems are comprised of a length of wire that is buried about an inch into your yard around the perimeter you want to cover. You need to measure that area that you want to contain your dog, so you will be able to determine the area you need covered by the system.


Wireless dog fencing works best if you have a yard that is symmetrical. The transmitter has a certain range and if the dog moves too far away from the transmitter, a warning tone will sound letting your dog know that he has gone too far from the range of the transmitter and must move back towards it. If your dog keeps moving away from the transmitter, he will receive a harmless shock, which will be enough to stop him from moving away further from your transmitter unit. For more details, visit


You will find small flags with your wireless dog fencing kit. These are to mark the location of the border of containment. Soon the dog will know that these flags represent discomfort to him, and he will steer clear of them, staying within the boundaries of containment. You can purchase additional transmitter units if you have larger areas to envelop, and this will allow your dog to pass between containment areas without receiving a correction shock.


This system is also portable which is another benefit of using it. If you want to take your dog on a camping or hunting trip, you can easily set it up in minutes to ensure that your dog does not wander away from where you are staying.


Wireless dog fencing can keep your dog safe, and it is relatively low priced. It can easily be set up in minutes wherever you want to take your dog to. Fencing materials can be quite expensive and vet bills for dogs that wander can cost you your savings. Instead of spending money on expensive fencing and emergency vet bills, the lower price of wireless dog fencing in a really great alternative. Go to to know your options. 

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